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FOUR dynamic women, FOUR facets of life that can change the trajectory of any person that desires to live their most optimal life.

This ONE-day conference will be a power packed SIX hours that will guide the audience to consider the lifestyle adjustments necessary to achieve anything under the sun. It’s going to be a bold straight talk workshop that will leave an impression on those who attend for a lifetime.

The best part about attending this monumental event, is each MIND, BODY and SOUL, FOOD representative will offer you the opportunity to connect with them on an ongoing basis. When the representatives say LIFESTYLE CHANGE, they MEAN it!

Now…let’s meet our hosts…

MIND ~ presented by Brely Evans

Brely’s focus is to educate you on how to identify your purpose and turn your passion into a paycheck.

BODY ~ presented by Christi Moore

Christi’s focus is to enlighten you on how to care for the largest organ of your body.

SOUL ~ presented by Christina Johnson

Christina’s focus is to coach you on learning how to let your spirit direct your path, to assist with healing your past.

FOOD ~ presented by Tregaye Fraser

Tregaye’s focus is to give instructions on how to fuel your temple for success.