Get 30 nails, a file and glue....Then Be Cute in 10mins! Annndddd We've added the Mid Finger Rings why? Because you asked for it!!!!! Gold/ Silver or Both...they come assorted so no 2 orders will be alike! How fun is that!!! They are all so cute and fancy!

For Best Look: 

1) Wash Hands

2) Size nails to yours (and arrange your where you want your bling nails)

3) File gently over each of your natural nails

4) Open Glue and add 3 small drops from nail bed to tip then BLOW

5) Press ON your YOU Nails and YOUR DONE in 5 easy steps! 

"UNails" mean you press them on YOURSELF!

$19.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
Silver Mid Finger Rings (Random)
Gold Mid Finger Rings (Assorted)